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Ana m Arịọ Onye Kere Mụ [Complete Hymn with Lyrics]



Ana m Arịọ Onye Kere Mụ [Complete Hymn with Lyrics]

The hymn entitled ‘Ana m Arịọ Onye Kere Mụ‘ is one of the hymns used in Igbo Christian communities during worship. Catholic faithful use this hymn as Entrance Hymns for the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. You will find below the lyrics of this hymn.

Ana m Arịọ Onye Kere Mụ Lyrics





Ana m ayọ onye keremụ bịa m nso.

Chineke Onye keremụ bịa m nso

ka m wee dị ndụ nke mmụọ.

1. Bịanụ Chineke Onye ker’anyị,


K’anyị wee dị ndụ dị nsọ.

2. Bịanụ, Bịanụ Gị bụ onye kere mmadụ,

Chukwu, k’anyị wee dị ndụ dị nsọ.

3. Arụ m na-ama jijiji, O Chukwu bịa m nso,


kam wee dị ndụ dị nsọ.

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