Come Let Us Sing Songs of Glory | Entrance hymn for Catholic Mass

This is Entrance hymn for Catholic Mass – Come Let Us Sing Songs of Glory.

Key E


Refrain: s:-:s/m:f:s/l:l:s/r:m:f.f/d’:-:d’/t:-:l/t:-:-/s:f:m/f:-.m:r:d/t:d:r/d:-:-//


Glory! Sing glory! Glory.

Give the glory due and sing glory unto God the King.

  1. Come let us sing songs of glory. Let us clap our hands and shout for joy. From day to day God will show the way.
  2. God is our King and our Father. He is a mighty God and King of Kings. He filled the seas, and He made the trees.
  3. Ours is the joy of His people. We can walk in safety at His side. In stormy night He will give us light.
  4. Let us remain ever faithful. Let us always know that He is near. Light from above, teaching us to love.

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