Father Within Thy House Today – Catholic Entrance Hymn for Mass

Father Within Thy House Today… is one of the Catholic Entrance Hymns for Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Below are the chorus and verses of this hymn.

Father Within Thy House Today





1. Father, within thy house today,

we wait Thy kindly love to see,

Since Thou hast said in truth that they,

Who dwell in love are one with Thee,

Bless those who for Thy blessing wait,

Their love accept and consecrate

2. Dear Lord of Love, whose heart of fire,

So full of pity for our sin,

Was once in that divine desire,

Broken, Thy bride to woo and win,

Look down and bless them from above,

And keep their hearts alight with love

3. Bless Spirit, who with life and light,

Didst quicken chaos to thy praise

Whose energy, in sin’s despite,

still lifts our nature up to grace,

Bless those who here in truth consent,

Creator, crown thy Sacrament.

4. Great One in Three, of whom are named,

All families on earth and in heaven,

Hear us, who have thy promise claimed.

And let a wealth of grace be given,

Grant them in life and death to be,

Each knit to each, and both to thee.

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Father Within Thy House Today – Catholic Entrance Hymn for Mass

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