Igbo Lekshọnarị Oge Emume na Nzukọ Nsọ Katọlik N’Ụwa Niile


Igbo Lekshọnarị Oge Emume na Nzukọ Nsọ Katọlik N’Ụwa Niile

Nke a bu Lekshọnarị nke a na-agu n’Oge

  •  Olile Anya Onye Nzọpụta
  •  Ọmụmụ Kristi
  •  Ncheta Ahụhụ Kristi
  •  Mbilite N’Ọnwụ Kristi





Firstly, this is Igbo Lekshọnarị Oge Emume na Nzukọ Nsọ Katọlik N’Ụwa Niile. According to the tradition of enculturation, different cultures are allowed to take reading in their language.

For this reason, we have what is known as Igbo Lekshọnarị today. Then, Igbo Lekshọnarị is daily Mass readings translated into Igbo language.

However, at the Church’s Liturgical calendar has it, we have four seasons in the Church. The have Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Then, it is according to these seasons that Igbo Katọlik  Lekshọnarị  had been arranged. Thus, we have three of the them.

List Of Igbo Katọlik  Lekshọnarị

  • Lekshọnarị Nke Oge Adanyeghị N’Emume
  • Lekshọnarị Nke Oge Emume
  • Akwụkwọ Misa ( Nke Ụbọchị Ụka)

However, this particular Igbo Katọlik  Lekshọnarị is the second one in the list above, Lekshọnarị Nke Oge Emume.  The readings contained in this Lekshọnarị are for the following Liturgical periods: N’Oge

  • Olile Anya Onye Nzọpụta
  • Ọmụmụ Kristi
  • Ncheta Ahụhụ Kristi
  • Mbilite N’Ọnwụ Kristi

Then, it contains all the readings, collects and other prayers said by the priest during Mass for the period of Advent. Advent is the period we expect the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the entrance hymn, the prayers said by the priest before readings, the readings, the collect and other prayers are all well translated into Igbo language in this Lekshọnarị.

Still, it holds the same content for Christmas, Lent and Easter seasons.

This Lekshọnarị  is very important for every parish in Igbo-Speaking part of the world. And most importantly, every parish priest needs it, including your parish priest.

Moreover, you need it in your family so as to train your children on how to take readings not only in English, but Igbo language also.

Source of Igbo Lekshọnarị Oge Emume

Hence, Igbo Lekshọnarị Oge Emume is the hand work of St. Mary’s Seminary Orlu.  Orlu is a part of Catholic Diocese of Orlu, Nigeria. Orlu is part of Igbo land where Igbo language is the mother tongue and dialect. More so, you can the Additional information of the product for more details.



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