This is the presentation of the Saint of the day for March 23, St Turibius Toribio Alphonso de Mogrovejo by Catholic Lectionary.

Saint of the day for march 23, Saint Turibius Toribio
Saint Turibius Toribio

Who is Saint Turibius Toribio Alphonso de Mogrovejo

O Christian Soul, St Turibius Toribio Alphonso de Mogrovejo was the Archbishop of Lima, in Peru. As a youth, he was notably very holy, but he never wanted to become a priest.

He studied and became a professor of Law in the University of Salamanca. After some years, the archbishopric of Lima became vacant and he was chosen to be the archbishop.

In his humble ways, he rejected saying that he was not worthy and that besides, he was just a layman and not a priest.

Just like the way it happened to St Ambrose, Turibius’ objection was overruled, and instead he was ordained a deacon, a priest and a bishop and was sent to Lima to draw souls there to God.

Archbishop Turibius arrived in Lima and embraced his work as a great charge from God Himself. He began the visitation of his diocese which was a very large one.

He continued studying the dialect of the people so as to interact with them without an interpreter. In his visitations, he many times stayed in very uncomfortable lodgings which had neither bed nor sufficient food.

He worked tirelessly during the day, but in the night he stayed awake praying, presenting his work and his people before God, asking for His blessings and seeking ways and wisdom to do his work better.

He made a lot of conversions and many souls were drawn to God. Among those he confirmed were St Rose of Lima, St Martin de Porres and St John Massias, who were all natives of Lima.

On the day he died, this was the Psalm which those who were about his death bed sang, “I rejoiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house…” [Psalm 122:1].

Reflect on your Life

When a soul has faithfully done the work assigned to him by God, he would definitely die with peace in his soul. Only those who have fought faithfully till the end can really rejoice when they are called upon to go to the house of God; a house where all struggles, all pains, all fears, are no more. O Christian Soul, do not be afraid to keep striving, for your struggles will never be in vain by His grace.

Call for Meditation

‘As man lives, so shall he die’ [St Augustine].

This day Jesus, my Saviour, save me from living a careless and indifferent life. Amen.

Having gone through this piece about saint of the day for March 23, make effort Oh Christian soul to amend your life. Peace of Christ be with you.

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