This is the presentation of the Saint of the day for March 28, Saint Tutilo by Catholic Lectionary.

Saint of the day for March 28, Saint Tutilo
Saint of the Day for March 28, Saint Tutilo, Monk

Life of Saint Tutilo

O Christian soul, there was a handsome, eloquent and quick-witted young man called Tutilo. He applied and was admitted as a monk at the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Gall.

St Tutilo appears to have been a universal genius, for he is described as a poet, an orator, an architect, a painter, a sculptor, a metal worker, a mechanic and also he had a passion for music and he could play all the various instruments taught them at the monastery; he also wrote some church music.

There was something Christ-like about St Tutilo – he never liked publicity.

King Charles the Fat had a great admiration for him and said that it was a pity that such a genius should be hidden away in a monastery.

It was suggested to the saint to go to large cities where his artistic talents were in great request, but he declined and preferred to stay hidden and strove to avoid notice, shrinking from compliments.

There still exist some paintings attributed to him. In order to hide his identity, St Nicholas, Bishop of Bari, twice threw money secretly, by night, into the house of a poor man and his two daughters in order to help them. On a third visit for the same purpose, he was discovered and he hastily fled.


Jesus healed a leper and sternly warned him not to tell anyone about it [Mark 1:43 & 44].

If you do things with the intention of being noticed, or if you do charity just to be praised by people, be assured that there is no reward for you in heaven [Mtt 6:1-6]. From the demon of ‘notice-me’: Jesus deliver us!

Call for Meditation

‘What is it, O my God, that we expect to gain by appearing well before creatures and by pleasing them? What does it matter to us if we are blamed by them and considered worthless, provided we are great and faultless before Thee? … The saints had no greater pleasure than to live unknown and abject in the hearts of all’ [St Bernard].

This day my Jesus, Humble King, help me to see myself daily as a little soul. Amen.

Having gone through this piece about saint of the day for March 28, make effort O Christian soul to amend your life. Peace of Christ be with you.

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