This is the presentation of the Saint of the day for March 31, Saint Guy of Pomposa by Catholic Lectionary.

Saint of the day for March 31, Saint Guy of Pomposa
Saint of the Day for March 31, St Guy of Pomposa

Life of Saint Guy of Pomposa

O Christian Soul, today while we await the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we look into the life of St Guy of Pomposa. The name Pomposa reminds me of the word “pompous”. 

It sounds funny. You are free to laugh if it makes you so, after all tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we should all be joyful for our Lord will rise again.

The word pompous can mean self-important, pretentious, proud, egoistic and vain. But does it mean that St Guy used to be a pompous person? Why don’t you find out by browsing about him with your phone if you have a phone that browses or you can save money and buy the lives of the saints and read.

You will be amazed to discover a lot about St Guy and the fact that the Abbey of Pomposa where he lived in the 11th century still exists today.

When St Guy was young, his parents took great pride in him, and so he strived primarily to please them by making great efforts to be careful and meticulous in his appearance and dressing.

This made the young man proud and vain. One day, his soul was touched by the Spirit of God and he was smitten with deep compunction when he realized the depth of vanity that had wrapped up his soul.

He stripped himself of his fine garments and gave them all away to the poor. To his parents’ further mortification, their son put on the shabbiest garments he could find, and departed for Rome.

He placed himself under the guidance of a hermit named Martin, and after three years, his spiritual director sent him to the Abbey of Pomposa to learn monastic life.


O Christian Soul, purity of intention matters a lot. Why do you do the things you do? To please God or to please humans?

When you try to please humans you may be embarking on a journey that leads to disaster and unrest of the soul. Please, strive to do everything, for God and God alone, and you will have peace.

Before, during and after every action, always say in your heart, ‘Jesus, this is for you’. When you know that you are doing something for the sake of God, nobody and nothing can hurt you, either by calumny, detraction, criticism or whatsoever.

Call for Meditation

‘…And since the worst way of speaking is to speak too much, speak little and well, little and gently, little and simply, little and charitably, little and amiably’ [St Francis de Sales].

This day, my Gentle Jesus, teach me how to be as gentle, meek and soft-spoken as You are, always. Amen.

Having gone through this piece about saint of the day for March 31, Saint Guy of Pomposa; make effort O Christian soul to amend your life. Peace of Christ be with you.

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