Saint of the Day for March 21, Saint Enda, Abbot: Reflection on his Life

This is the presentation of the Saint of the day for March 21, Saint Enda, Abbot by Catholic Lectionary.

Saint Enda: Saint of the day for March 21
Saint Enda, Abbot: March 21st

Who is Saint Enda?

O Christian soul, St Enda was the Abbot of a great monastery he built at Kelleany, in Ireland. He was known as a father of monasticism in Ireland. The austerity and sanctity of this holy abbot made many disciples to join him.

He not only lived a most penitential life, but he exacted a very strict discipline from all under his charge. Every night, he tested his brethren by putting them in turn into a currach (a kind of small canoe or boat) and set it afloat without the hide covering, which rendered the currach water tight.

If a man was free from sin, the water could not get in. All the monks – including the abbot himself – did not get wet, except Gigniat the cook, who when questioned admitted that he had added a little to his own portion of food from that of Kieran, son of the artificer.

St Enda ordered him to leave the monastery saying, “There is no room here for a thief; I will not permit this at all”.

Reflect on your Life

O Christian soul, have you in a way taken the materials, tools, gadgets or anything at all which was meant for general utility at your place of work, for your personal use or as your personal property?

Return it immediately or rather speak to a priest immediately about it one on one for advice on what to do.

As for those who put part of public funds into their pocket. Worse still church money or part of money they were given to carry out certain functions into their pockets. They are running the risk of being addressed with these fearful words on the Last Day. “Depart from Me, O you accursed soul, for I do not know who you are”.

Call for Meditation

‘Meditate on the horrors of Hell which will last for eternity because of one easily-committed mortal sin. Try hard to be among the few who are chosen’ [St Benedict Joseph Labre].

 This day Jesus, I have made up my mind to fight harder. By your grace, to never see the gates of Hell. Amen.

Having gone through this piece about saint of the day for March 21, make effort Oh Christian soul to amend your life. Peace of Christ be with you.

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