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Stations of the Cross

Thirteenth Station of the Cross (Way of the Cross)



Thirteenth Station of the Cross (Way of the Cross) Prayers

These are the prayers said at the Thirteenth Station of the Cross led by the leader. These prayers are said before the Fourteenth Station.

Thirteenth Station of the Cross (Way of the Cross) Prayers
Thirteenth Station of the Cross

Jesus is taken from the Cross

V=> (genuflecting) We adore You, O Christ, and praise You.

R=> Because by your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

Consider how, after Our Lord had expired, two of His disciples, Joseph and Nicodemus, took Him down from the cross, and placed Him in the arms of His afflicted Mother; who received Him with unutterable tenderness, and pressed Him to her bosom.

O MOTHER of Sorrow, for the love of this Son, accept me for your servant, and pray for me.


And You, my Redeemer, since You had died for me, permit me to love You; for I wish but You, and nothing more.

I love You, Jesus, my love, above all things; I repent with my whole heart for having offended you. Never permit me to separate myself from you again. Grant that I may love you always; and then do with me what you will.

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Our FatherHail MaryGlory be to the Father




Fac me tecum pie flere, 

Crucifixo condolere,


Donec ego vixero.  


Let me mingle tears with you

Mourning Him who mourn’d for me


All the days that I may live.

TWELFTH STATION: Jesus Dies on the Cross

FOURTEENTH STATION: Jesus is Laid in the Sepulchre

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Thirteenth Station of the Cross (Way of the Cross) Prayers

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