Come Let Us All Unite to Sing | Entrance Hymn for Catholic Mass

This is Entrance hymn for Catholic Mass – Come Let Us All Unite to Sing.

(Key D)


God is love, (is love) God is love (is love)

Come let us all unite to sing, God is love.

  1. Come let us all unite to sing, God is love, while heaven and earth their Praises bring, God is love. Let every Soul from sin awake, Each in his heart sweet music make, And Sweetly sing for Jesus’ sake God is love.
  2. Oh, tell to the earth’s remotest bound, God is love. In Christ is full redemption found, God is love. His blood can cleanse our sins away, His Spirit turns our night to day. And leads our soul with joy to say God is love.
  3. How happy is our portion here, God is love. His promises our spirits cheer, God is love. He is our sun and shield by day our help, our hope, Our strength to stay, He will be with us all the way God is love.
  4. What, though may heart and flesh shall fail, God is love. Through Christ I shall O’Reilly death prevail. God is love. E’en Jordan swell, I will not fear for Jesus will be with me there, My soul above the waves to heaven, God is love.

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